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You choose what we buy

Traditional Importers simply buy what is available in the quantities THEY think they can sell.... We are different in that we want to order what YOU want.

So we've created a space where you can see what is going to be made and let US place the order for you.

1. We tell you which special beers are going to be made and you tell us if you are interested.

2. You pay a small deposit to secure your allocation. When the beer is made, we ask the brewer for our allocation and we place our order.

3. Once they get back to us with the amount we can get (we are usually competing with 20 - 30 other countries for this stock), we allocate whatever stock we get according to who ordered first and the amount they have ordered.

 We'll bring a little more in than we need but not too much...... SO for the rarer releases, it is best to get in first...

 Pre-orders are open to all of our customers - without favour. If you want it, we'll get it.

If you are a customer already, just login. If you want to be a customer, SIGN UP and we'll get straight back to you.


The Beeblebrox Team




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