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Shopping on the internet is quick, easy and it is our intention to make your entire shopping experience with us as pleasurable as possible.

We suggest that you carefully read the terms and conditions that are detailed below as this forms the basis of the sale agreement between you and Beeblebrox Beverages when you purchase goods from our website. If you proceed with your purchase you are acknowledging that you have read these terms and conditions of sale and that you acknowledge that your purchase from us is subject to these terms and conditions. We have attempted to keep the text in simple to understand language. If any part is confusing or not clear, please contact us.

Please note that from time to time, these terms and conditions may change. We therefore recommend that you review these terms and conditions on a regular basis to identify any changes that may affect you.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Goods and services tax is applicable on all our products. As you will note from our website, in our stores and in our catalogues, all prices include GST. The current rate of GST is 10%. This rate may change in the future and will be based on Australian legislation.

We will at all times use our best endeavours to ensure that the prices on our website are accurate at any point in time. The prices that are displayed on our website and in our stores at any point in time are only current at that particular point in time and we reserve the right to alter our prices at any time without prior notice. This may occur for example when products are on sale or when prices may change for various reasons. When price changes do occur, they will be automatically updated on the website.

International Customers
At this point in time, Beeblebrox Beverages will not send to NZ.

Title for goods ordered on our site will pass to you when we receive payment in full for your order.

Shipping and Delivery Policy

We deliver products Australia wide. Shipping costs applicable to regular deliveries within normal business hours and on the delivery days applicable to your venue are included in the cost of the goods  if you are in Metropolitan Melbourne. Should you need an order sent outside these parameters, additional costs may be applied. You will however, receive a quote for these that reflects our actual costs to facilitate a special delivery to you before the goods are despatched.

Interstate and country Victoria customers will receive a sales order with freight shown separately, prior to the goods being despatched. A freight rates card will be available on request. And, some interstate or country orders may receive free freight if the order is of sufficient size or value.

Regular orders are dispatched within three business days and shipping times are estimated at between 3-7 business days depending on your location within Australia. Larger items, i.e. pallets of half pallets are unique in size in terms of freight handling and delivery location. Due to this, prices need to be individually quoted. Also, should you choose to arrange your own shipping, give us a call or send an email to   If the items you have ordered are out of stock, you will be notified within three days, and given an expected date of arrival. Please take note: when filling in pre-orders, delivery times may take up to eight weeks and will be ultimately dependent on supplier availability.

Availability of Products
All products on our website are supplied subject to availability. We will use our best endeavours to supply you with the product ordered. On occasion however, goods that are displayed on our website may not be available. If this occurs, we will contact you and offer you a part dispatch for the balance of your order that is available or issue you with a refund or credit note for that part of the order that cannot be supplied.

Delivery Procedure
If your order is being shipped via a courier company, it will have an accompanying consignment note when it is delivered to you and the delivery driver will ask you to sign this consignment note when the goods are delivered. It is essential that you carefully read the consignment note. Only sign the consignment note if the cartons of the goods delivered have not been damaged in any way and only if the total quantity of the cartons on the consignment note has been delivered. If any of these instances occur you must write down the problems on the consignment note (e.g. 4 cartons on the consignment note - but only 2 cartons delivered) and request the delivery driver acknowledge this by printing his/her name on the consignment note. In addition, please e-mail us as soon as possible advising us of the details. If you do not follow this procedure and sign the consignment note without making these notes, you are acknowledging that the entire delivery is correct and in perfect condition.

We highly recommend that you choose a delivery address, where during the main course of the day someone is present to accept your delivery. Courier companies cannot guarantee a delivery date or time due to the high volume of their deliveries, however the majority of deliveries are between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday - Friday.

If no one is present to accept the delivery, the delivery driver will leave a delivery card, noting that they have attempted to deliver the goods. This delivery card will have all the contact details for the delivery company and you will need to contact the delivery company to arrange a suitable time for a second delivery to you within 48 hours. Charges may be payable by yourself if relocation and storage of the items occurs.

Incorrect Goods Supplied
If we supply you with an incorrect product, we will supply you with the correct product once the incorrect product has been returned. In the event of a wrong product being supplied, you must contact us within 48 hours of receiving your goods. The freight cost incurred will be paid by Beeblebrox Beverages.


Products Damaged in Transit
If your order from our website is delivered by independent courier company, these couriers will use their best endeavours to supply you with the product you have ordered in good condition. If goods are damaged in transit, you will need to contact us within 48 hours of receiving your goods by e-mail. We will supply you with a replacement product once the damaged product has been returned or a credit for the same. The freight cost incurred will be paid by us.

Products Lost in Transit
If your order from our website is delivered by independent courier company, these couriers will use their best endeavours to supply you with the product you have ordered in good condition. If after 7 days from your purchase date your order has not been delivered, you will need to contact us by e-mail. We will immediately thereafter commence an "official consignment note trace" with the courier company concerned. If after 10 days from the date of your notification to us the goods cannot be located, we will supply you with a replacement product.

Faulty Products
Our company takes pride in supplying quality products. If goods are found to be faulty, as a result in a manufacturing defect, you must contact us within 7 days of delivery. We will supply you with a replacement product once the damaged product has been returned. The freight cost incurred will be paid by Beeblebrox Beverages.


Best Before Dates

Our company takes pride in supplying fresh products. However, occasionally, we will need to deal with stock that is close to or even sometimes, past the Best Before (BB) Date. Australian Law does not require a BB Date on beer that has a shelf life of more than two years so none of our beers require BB Dates. However, other countries may require BB Date labelling and sometimes brewers put BB Dates for particular purposes such as speeding up sales or because they are trying to give what they see as an optimum experience to their customers. Beeblebrox Beverages acknowledges the brewers rights but reserves the right to work with the relevant authorities to remove or re-date the best before date on any stock that complies with Australian Standards for the display of BB Dates but which may have BB Date issues as long as we have confidence in the condition and flavour of the product and it is of merchantable quality.

Beeblebrox Beverages also reserves the right to re-label and remove the BB Date on any product that has a BB Date that does not comply with Australian Standards for such date marking - examples are dates printed on bottle tops and also dates etched in bottles but where there is no colour added to the etching to make it immediately visible to customers. This will not necessarily be communicated to retailers in all instances but if it is done, then retailers' customers can be referred to these Terms and Conditions or the stock can be returned to Beeblebrox Beverages.

We respect your choice to shop with Beeblebrox Beverages and if for any reason you wish to return the product to us, you can do so within 7 days from purchase date, provided the product is unused, in its original packaging, and with original receipt. It may be returned to the Beeblebrox Beverages store (within 7 days of an official return authorisation number being provided to you). The cost of freight for the returned product will be your responsibility.
It is essential that all goods returned to us are in exactly the same condition that they were sent to you. This includes the original packaging of the product. Once goods have been returned a credit note will be issued.

Refunds and Credit Notes
In the event of products not being available for supply to you after your order has been placed with us we will issue you with a credit note or refund for either part of the order or for the entire order.
All refunds will be made the same way as the original payment method was made in favour of the person or entity on the original transaction.

Use of Graphics on our Website
At all times we will try to ensure that the graphics on our website are as accurate and as close to the actual products as possible. Computer colours and the large range of computer monitors available make the matching process a lot more difficult so on our website it is important to note that visual dimensions of products are used for graphic purposes only. In all cases, it essential that you use the actual written dimensions of each product when this is applicable.

Communication from Beeblebrox Beverages

As a condition of purchase from Beeblebrox Beverages, we reserve the right to email you our newsletters and information that we may consider may be of interest to you. We respect your right not to receive this information and if you advise us that you do not wish to receive this information we will disable that functionality for your account. All our newsletters and communications of a similar nature will have a clear link to unsubscribe.

Limitation of Liability
In no event shall Beeblebrox Beverages be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or loss including but not limited to loss of income, loss of use, loss of data, loss of business or profits howsoever arising and whether caused by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise. To the extent permitted by law, Beeblebrox Beverages does not accept any liability for any damage or injury caused by the use or misuse of products purchased from Beeblebrox Beverages. To the extent that Beeblebrox Beverages may be liable for a breach of a condition of The Trade Practices Act 1974 (other than a condition or warranty implied by section 69 of the Act), the maximum aggregate liability for any product supplied to you whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise shall in no circumstances exceed the amount payable by you to us in respect of the product(s) in question.

Authority to Purchase from Beeblebrox Beverages
You will receive a credit application and by accepting our sales terms and conditions, you are acknowledging that you have the authority to enter into a commercial transaction with Beeblebrox Beverages. You will be assigned a username and password, which you should immediately change to one of your own choosing. Commercial employees, purchasing on behalf of your company or business must have the appropriate company authority to enter into a transaction on the company’s behalf before you provide them with these details.

Force Majeure
Beeblebrox Beverages shall not be liable for any delay in performing any of its obligations under these terms and conditions if such delay is caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Beeblebrox Beverages, and Beeblebrox Beverages shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of time for the performance of such obligations.

Business Details

Our Business is The Hops and Malt Company Pty Ltd. trading as Beeblebrox Beverages. Our ABN is ABN : 41 159 964 959 and our Liquor Licence Number: 33762889

Applicable Law
Any transactions on this site and all legal aspects associated with this site will fall under the jurisdiction of the laws of Victoria, Australia.

Privacy Policy
Beeblebrox Beverages respects your privacy and is committed to protecting all the information you provide to us.
We value our relationship with you and appreciate that you may be concerned about the personal and financial information you may provide to us when you visit our website. Accordingly, we have developed this Privacy Policy to inform you about how we collect and use your private information. You can then make a choice about using the website.

Beeblebrox Beverages is a wholesale business operating in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was established in 2012 and predominantly conducts its business through this website.

When you visit this website, personal information and non-personal data will be collected depending on the nature of your visit.
Our Privacy Policy covers all personal information and non-personal data collection.

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